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  • Moringa Oasis Styling Butter deeply penetrates the hair shaft to moisturize and hydrate while restoring elasticity to damaged hair and preventing frizz. Elements of this product help to block the production of DHT (a hormone that causes hair loss). 


    The Moringa Oasis Styling Butter is hand-whipped and all natural with no preservatives or fillers. As such, it may melt easily in warmer weather during transit. We do our best to ensure your order does not melt on its way to you, but due to the organic nature of our products, melting is beyond our control. To minimize the risk of melting, please provide the shipping address of a location where the mail is delivered indoors. Should your Styling Butter melt upon receipt, leave it at room temperature to solidify. The Moringa Oasis Styling Butter may not retain its whipped texture after melting, but it will still have all of its moisturizing, smell good qualities! Use as directed and be sure to store the Styling Butter at room-temperature.


    8 oz. 240mL. 0.5 lbs